Founded in 1999 by Arnaud Dufournier, DUFOURNIER TECHNOLOGIES never stopped growing.


Its aim is to bring solutions and to answer to the most specific needs of its clients. Therefore it is made up a pluridisciplinary team with various but complementary competences in different fields:

  • tires
  • suspension system
  • embedded electronics
  • vehicle instrumentation
  • analyze and treatment computing….


DUFOURNIER Technologies is settled since 2005 in its current offices, offering a functional and pleasant environment, with a research department, a simulation platform, a measurements laboratory and a vehicle instrumentation premises.



Since its creation, DUFOURNIER Technologies proposes its services to the main automotive industry areas:

  • Tourism and trucks area : the company is an essential partner of car manufacturers and OEM for suspension-system development and settings.
  • Competition area : DUFOURNIER Technologies enriched its experience and know-how with the different competition categories (Formula 1, WRC, IRL, GP2, World Series, F3, etc.)
  • Public transport : since 2007, the company also develops products and proposes services adapted to the needs of this domain.

DUFOURNIER Technologies also acts for the research, development and innovation to serve all these fields.